Hi Hello. I'm Mark. 

I'm not much of a writer, nor am a very public person. But since we have this blog in my website I thought i'd start writing now while I have some free time.

I just want to let you know (for those who are interested in reading these blogs of mine) that I'm currently sitting in my desk thinking.. What am I thinking about? Well, I'm thinking about a lot of things. Who doesn't think about a lot of things, am I right?

But in all seriousness. There's so many things I can tell you in one single blog post, but I think i'm gonna kick it off in a very subtle way. I want to talk about life.  

Life. it's such a beautiful thing to have. I'm very thankful for the life i'm given and all the opportunities that's been given to me in the past year. I know that sounds so cliché but it's true. Feel free to take a look at my "FILM" page and see for yourself how amazing it's been for myself and others. I've met a lot of great people throughout the years, and although some may be slipping out of the picture already. I'm glad that we've had a great run, and I hope that one day it'll all be back to normal. Like it was for the very first time.

But let me express "The Feels" about those who I think that's been slipping out of the picture lately. -- As much as I don't want them to slip out of the picture, we all have to lose touch to those individual somehow, someday, to make room for another person who see's the real you. Now I'm not upset nor mad that this is happening, but it happens to everyone. There's not a person in this world that doesn't go through these phases in their life. One day you'll wake up with smiles and the next it's all gone, but don't let that one little thing stop you from having a great life. Living a happy life is what keeps you alive, and know that everything's gonna be alright within time. -- I know it will.

I don't want to prolong this than it already has, but to conclude this post. I just want to say a big thank you to those people who really appreciates what I do as an Independent Filmmaker, and  to my friends that takes the time to catch up and check up on me. I want to let you know that everything I've filmed and directed is all done through heart. I work hard for these videos to come to life, and I really do appreciate all the love and support you've given me. So, THANK YOU!


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